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When businesses market without clarity of message and image, they waste up to 80% of their marketing budget. Our Small Business Brand Booster is designed to serve as a first step to transforming your brand from noise to clarity and helping you drive more effective results with your marketing.

Are you tired of…

  • Wasting money on ineffective marketing?
  • Losing opportunities to your competitors?
  • Your product being better than your brand?

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Small Business Brand Booster

WAS $4,995
NOW $3,995

We have taken the complex process of branding and created an affordable package to help small business brands move from noise to clarity.

  • Build trust by improving the quality of your image
  • Drive response by clarifying your top-level messaging
  • Ensure retention by building a collateral map
  • Protect your brand by developing guidelines

What’s Included in the Package

Top-level content / visual strategy

To outine your base brand strategy, we will start with everything in our Brand/Marketing Power Audit. We will review your items and give you expert feedback on what you currently have.

What is your vision? Who is your ideal market? What value you deliver? Our 1-hour Zoom strategy sessions will strive to unpack answers to these and other questions, to help us position your brand to communicate to your market effectively.

Based on our findings, we will delvelop 2-3 targeted headlines and a visual strategy to help you better reach the right prospects and customers.

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Logo Design Refresh

Your logo is one of the most common way your customers may know you. If your logo is too complex or it seems to be outdated, it may not resonate with your market. A logo refresh will ensure that your logo design is aligned with your brand strategy and it has the ability to be retained by your market.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines offer basic rules for how your logo, colors, and messaging should be represented to your audience. They serve as a reference point to your marketing efforts.

The goal of brand guidelines is to ensure that all parties use the brand elements consistently. Brand guidelines provide information and tools and set the standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces and other design elements.

Collateral Map

Our collateral map is a collection of a few items designed to serve as a blueprint for your brand. It includes business card design, borchure cover design, sales sheet and a photoshop mockup of a website home page. You will receive and own all design files including all work files.

Once you get your package, will have the option to further engage our team for full development based on the strategy and map we’ve outlined.

Rate Your Marketing ROI

Take a 5-minute quiz to see where you score and gain insight on where and how you can drive more effective marketing results.


  • Wasting time and money on ineffective marketing?
  • Not getting 5-star reviews?
  • Your brand not reflecting the greatness of your product?
  • Generating unqualified leads?
  • Losing significant market share to your competition?
  • Your underwhelming website?

“Our web presence was undermining our efforts. It was a liability, not an asset; not aligned with our reputation and no longer representative of who we are today. Brand3 worked with us as a trusted partner to transition our brand into a key element of our success.”

Ed McCauley, President
BLT, Excellence by Design
Rating : 5

“Brand3 transformed my business. Their strategy allowed me to reduce my marketing cost and double the size of my business within 2 years.”

Peter Curro, Owner
Woodfield Outdoor Living
Rating : 5

“We engaged with Brand3 because we wanted to be very clear about who we communicated to and how we communicated our uniqueness. We felt like everything we did looked like what everyone else was doing. No one understood the difference in our culture and in our services, based on the way we were marketing before we met Brand3. Now everything we do and everything we print, publish or distribute communicates who we are! We couldn’t be more pleased with the direction Brand3 has helped us outline.”

Kathy Troxell
Turning Point Financial
Rating : 5

“BTW, great website for what you call a small technology firm. Congrats! A lot of bad marketing out there… yours was super easy to follow.”


Cynthia, Customer
Theseus Pro
Rating : 5

“We had a very specific vision for a new restaurant concept. The team at Brand3 did a great job extracting our ideas and translating them into the Humagalas brand. We are very pleased with how everything came together. Brand3 far exceeded our expectation.”

Bob Frankis
Rating : 5

“Brand3 did an excellent job revamping eOriginal’s website. This wasn’t the easiest project as we had a large amount of content to transfer, graphic design requirements, tracking codes and a user portal to integrate. Orsi, Rob and the rest of the team went above and beyond to execute our vision and did a great job with the content transfer, functionality and design elements…We are getting a ton of compliments on the new website and are thrilled with the ongoing support.”

Jessica Larkin
eOriginal, Inc.
Rating : 5

“Brand3 was fantastic in helping us redesign our logo, signage, and website in conjunction with moving locations. They took the time to listen and worked hard on a tight timeline to deliver results that met our specific needs.”

Mark Sweeney, Elder
Christ Fellowship Church
Rating : 5

“Took the time to listen and understand who we are. Was patient in explaining the reasons for their approach to rebranding. I don’t think we could have had a more successful experience in rebranding and reimaging our company.”

Richard Criste
The Shepherd’s Guide
Rating : 5

“Customer focused. Excellent ideas and knows how to best position and brand a company. Also, fun to work with which is always a plus!”

Mark Ramsey
Palmetto Solution
Rating : 5

“You couldn’t work with a more professional and detail oriented team. I value their professionalism, as well as their friendship and recommend their services.”

Stu Welsh
EGT Advisors
Rating : 5

“Amazing graphics and web design! Turning client expectations into reality by combining functionality, appealing visuals, and responsive design.”

Jason Drake
Strategic Application International
Rating : 5

“I couldn’t even see what was possible until I moved alongside their expertise, and they showed it to us.”


Kevin Bandy
The Concierge Group
Rating : 5