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What Is a Logomark and Why Is It Important?

Simply put, a logomark is an icon or graphic image that identifies your brand. No words – just the image. A logomark can be a part of an overall logo design, but the best ones stand alone.

How many of these famous iconic logomarks can you identify?*

(Answers are at the bottom of this post)


Apple logo



Target logo


McDonalds logo


Calvin Klein logo



Instagram logo


Twitter logo


NBC logo



Nike logo



Mercedes logo


Shell logo

Wow. That was easy, wasn’t it?

You know why? Because somewhere along the line, a brand strategy and creative team got together with the company leaders and developed a memorable logo mark. Chances are, those logo marks were not the first images, and there were a lot of choices before company leaders settled on the final product.

Many times, logo marks are more memorable because they’re simple, and sum up the brand. But by simple, we don’t mean free clip art. You’re working hard to develop a strong identity and reputation for your company – so your visual identity needs to be strong and memorable, while providing an accurate representation of the quality products and services you provide.

Key Elements of a Memorable Logomark

  1. Simple Simplicity makes the logomark easy to recognize and easy to remember.
  2. Timeless You want your logomark to still represent your business in 10, 20 or 50 years. When your brand identity is involved, longevity trumps trendy any day.
  3. Versatile Your logo mark should be as recognizable in a black and white copy as it is in color. You should also be able to use it in a small size on a business card, or in a larger size on a billboard.
  4. Appropriate By this, we mean appropriate to your target audience. If you sell toys, you could use childlike, playful image, or a very elegant logomark for high end interior design, for example.

You don’t have to be an international company to develop a memorable logomark. You just need to invest in quality brand strategy and creative services, and not be afraid to get creative.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

–Leonardo da Vinci


*1. Apple  2. Target  3. McDonalds 4. Calvin Klein5. Instagram  6. Twitter 7. NBC 8. Nike 9. Mercedes Benz 10. Shell