Brand is a process. At Brand3, we believe great brands deliver measurable results when their story is felt and experienced by their customers at every brand touchpoint and interaction. In other words, great brands deliver what their customers want and expect!

Our process is a deep dive into your story, and our goal is always to align the brand promise with the brand experience–the experience your customers actually receive. In order to achieve maximum brand value for our clients, our brand building process will take them through several important steps.


Discovery is the first step in the process. Brand3 will build the brand elements based on the strategic marketing value that best positions the image and message. Our discovery process includes a comprehensive development session that will address the following strategy points:

  • Identification of top key positioning words
  • Discovery of concept images
  • A brand positioning statement
  • A brand promise
  • Tag line positioning
  • Concept image strategy 

Brand Experience Design

We are unique because we bring the voice of your customer into our brand development strategy and innovative because we align your brand promise and brand story with your customer’s brand experience. The result – a brand your customers love. Our brand experience design will include:

  • Capturing the voice of the customer
  • Mapping the customer journey
  • Gathering additional feedback to finalize the guest experience

Brand Map

Brand Map brings your new brand image to life. Brand3 will create a visual map that will capture all of the essential image and information elements that comprise the new brand. This map will serve our clients as a strategic tool to guide future campaigns and creative strategies. The components of the Brand Map are based on need and will vary for each client.


We believe that protection and access to your brand is critical. That is why we provide BrandSafe. BrandSafe is a 24/7 private web portal that will give you access to your brand position profiles with the ability to download your logo files, branding guidelines, images or color palette. You will have access to your BrandMap, a visual tool for maintaining consistency and quality of your brand. All foundational assets will be entered and stored in BrandSafe and your asset’s guidelines will live inside a Graphic Standards document. Graphic Standards documentation will include:

  • Guidelines for word usage of name and tag line
  • Official logo formats for print, digital and display applications
  • Standard colors and formulas
  • Additional color palette

Brand3’s Branding Services

Your brand and messaging need to carry with it the heart of what your company is and does. By embracing your true identity, you can leverage the value of your brand.

  • Brand Research & Discovery
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Re-branding services
  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Keyword list
  • Complete Brand Map
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Brand Asset Library
  • Research and Focus Groups