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We work with business owners and their trusted advisors who are in the early stages of succession planning. Having built successful companies, they have measurable market value, but many find themselves in a scenario similar to selling a home. Like a well-built home in an attractive neighborhood but lacking the necessary curb appeal to secure the highest selling price, their business’s image, messaging and brand strategy would benefit from an upgrade. Thus, an effective rebranding effort can boost the sales price of a business just as upgraded landscaping, fresh paint and new carpet can enhance the value (and selling price) of a home.

 The ROI and benefits of late stage rebranding are:

  • Increase market value
  • Sell the business faster and for a higher selling price
  • Quantify customer and employee value
  • Gain control and access to all brand assets
  • Transfer owner dependency to brand

Delivering a brand experience that produces loyal customers, increased revenue, higher margins, and weaker competition is what we do. With our innovative approach, we engineer unique brand experiences for any size or type of business. Our expertise and process is balanced and designed to meet the strategy and budgetary requirements you need.

Contact us to see how we can help businesses in the EXIT phase.

“One of the critical value drivers that should be focused on for the owner who is looking to gain the greatest return during the transition of their business would be a strong brand in their respective market. Buyers will pay a premium for a company that is not owner dependent and often times the brand of the firm is tightly linked to the owner. I have found that Brand3 adapts proven branding principles to leverage client’s market value and reduce owner dependency issues. As advisors we are tasked with building value for our clients and we gain an edge by understanding the role proper branding plays in a successful transition."

Stuart W. Welsh
Certified Business Exit Consultant®, President
EGT Advisors, LLC

Brand3’s core team will serve you in 3 essential areas:

  1. Deep market knowledge and brand strategy
  2. Exceptional creative
  3. Measurable customer experience design and outcomes

Questions to consider:

  1. Is your brand an asset or a liability?
  2. Have you quantified the value of your customers and employees?
  3. Is your brand too dependent you?