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Rethink Marketing Move from Noise to Clarity

Cut the Noise. Connect with Customers. Grow Your Business.

Most marketing is noise.

Many agencies today claim to get you branding and marketing results using only isolated tactics. But results need more than tactics—they need strategy. Without a clear brand and unified messaging, you could waste up to 80% of your marketing budget.

Your brand defines the value you bring to market, and until that core message is clear, you’re simply broadcasting noise that doesn’t drive results.

When your brand is clear, the noise fades away.

Your business deserves to reach its full potential in the market with a brand that reflects the greatness of your products and services. 

You deserve a cohesive strategy that does more than broadcast noise—it drives results.

We empower businesses with the right way to market so they can engage and retain the right customers.

Hundreds of Brands Transformed

We’ve spent decades honing our finely-tuned approach to marketing, which gives our clients a refreshed brand coupled with a tailored plan. Our comprehensive growth marketing plan strategically blends branding, marketing, and customer experience, guaranteeing we have a solid foundation to build your brand.

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Within two years of implementing our plan, our clients experience

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved brand recognition
  • An average growth of 61% in annual revenue.



Here’s How We Move You from Noise to Clarity

By aligning brand, marketing, and customer experience into one strategic plan.


We’ll work closely with you to eliminate the noise and define your brand’s core promise with messaging, imagery, and collateral that makes the value you bring to market crystal clear.


We’ll give you a solid plan that combines brand, marketing, and experience strategies to help you engage and retain the right customers. This marketing growth plan will drive customer loyalty, brand recognition, and consistent revenue growth.


With a solid foundation and a clear plan, you are ready to go to market. Our team will help you protect and maintain your brand, raise brand awareness, and execute tactics and campaigns, guaranteeing every effort leads to meaningful conversions.

During our process, you will learn:

  • Who You Are
    Your brand ensures you can always find the right words and imagery to tell your story.
  • Who Your Ideal Customers AreYour brand guarantees you can speak directly to the problems your customers and clients are facing.
  • How to Get ResultsWhen your brand leads your marketing, you’ll have a clear, consistent message that engages the right customers.

“BTW, great website for what you call a small technology firm. Congrats! A lot of bad marketing out there… yours was super easy to follow.”


Cynthia, Customer
Theseus Pro
Rating: 5

“Starting a new business requires a lot of thought. To aid us in identifying an effective name, logo, colors, and mission statement, we decided to partner with Brand3, who guided us through this process. Without question each step of the process was valuable. There was no way we could do it ourselves! The guidance and expertise of Orsolya, Catherine and the entire team helped us establish our identity which is our foundation for a professional presentation. For that reason, we strongly recommend Brand3 as a full-service branding and marketing company.”

Ed Ducote
Rating: 5

“Orsi and her team have been great to work with. They start by finding out who you are and what your needs are. Then they tailor their work to help in your success. It has been a great investment.”

Thomas Fichnter
Fichtner Home Exteriors
Rating: 5

“Brand3 was fantastic in helping us redesign our logo, signage, and website in conjunction with moving locations. They took the time to listen and worked hard on a tight timeline to deliver results that met our specific needs.”

Mark Sweeney, Elder
Christ Fellowship Church
Rating: 5

“Our web presence was undermining our efforts. It was a liability, not an asset; not aligned with our reputation and no longer representative of who we are today. Brand3 worked with us as a trusted partner to transition our brand into a key element of our success.”

Ed McCauley, President
BLT, Excellence by Design
Rating: 5

“We had a very specific vision for a new restaurant concept. The team at Brand3 did a great job extracting our ideas and translating them into the Humagalas brand. We are very pleased with how everything came together. Brand3 far exceeded our expectation.”

Bob Frankis
Rating: 5

“Our team at Turning Point Financial has worked with Brand3 over the last several years to help completely rebrand, articulate our value proposition to clients, and communicate who we really are! They have a focus on customer experience and that has been incredibly helpful in our business as a service provider. They are there whenever we need them, for projects both big or small, and we can always count on their expertise and guidance. We always leave our meetings energized and ready to tackle the next idea. Thanks Team Brand3!!!”

Alexandra Stickelman
Turning Point Financial
Rating: 5

“Took the time to listen and understand who we are. Was patient in explaining the reasons for their approach to rebranding. I don’t think we could have had a more successful experience in rebranding and reimaging our company.”

Richard Criste
The Shepherd’s Guide
Rating: 5

Brand3 has been a company we have worked with for several years. We started with fresh, creative elements and we have grown into a partnership that has continually improved our overall brand management. Brand3 is able to listen to our needs whether creative, budgetary, or timing related and execute the work based on our priorities at the time. We have grown together and continue to evolve our materials and overall branding. The team at Brand3 listens, is extremely responsive to our needs and is an easy team to work with.

Elizabeth Langlois
Advanced Materials Technology
Rating: 5

“Brand3 transformed my business. Their strategy allowed me to reduce my marketing cost and double the size of my business within 2 years.”

Peter Curro, Owner
Woodfield Outdoor Living
Rating: 5

“Amazing graphics and web design! Turning client expectations into reality by combining functionality, appealing visuals, and responsive design.”

Jason Drake
Strategic Application International
Rating: 5

“Customer focused. Excellent ideas and knows how to best position and brand a company. Also, fun to work with which is always a plus!”

Mark Ramsey
Palmetto Solution
Rating: 5

We chose Brand3 because they specialize in rebranding, and we are thrilled with the results. After 28 years, we changed our name and Brand3 created a new logo, slogan and website that we love. Orsi and her talented team were very helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend!”

Kelly Jara
Rating: 5

“I strongly recommend Brand3 to businesses who haven’t put their brand on the ‘couch’ for analysis in a while, and especially to those seeking to increase their image or market presence.”


John Casner, Executive Director
Northeastern Maryland Technology Council
Rating: 5

“We engaged with Brand3 because we wanted to be very clear about who we communicated to and how we communicated our uniqueness. We felt like everything we did looked like what everyone else was doing. No one understood the difference in our culture and in our services, based on the way we were marketing before we met Brand3. Now everything we do and everything we print, publish or distribute communicates who we are! We couldn’t be more pleased with the direction Brand3 has helped us outline.”

Kathy Troxell
Turning Point Financial
Rating: 5

“Brand3 was great to work with. They were friendly, professional and most importantly helped us achieve our goal of getting our company rebranded. Their team showed remarkable creativity and attention to detail. I am very happy with the new brand they developed for us and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Not quite ready to take the plunge into full-scale marketing assistance? Here’s some valuable information to tide you over:

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Most businesses haven’t defined their brand. 

Without that core identity to guide them, their marketing becomes noise. We help them move from noise to clarity by rethinking their marketing through a 3-step strategy that engages the right customers.