The Challenge

EXTCO, a startup, needed a brand identity and digital assets to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. They came to us for strategic and creative expertise.

The Solution

From the ground up, we created an identity that encapsulated their innovative ethos and set the stage for significant growth. Our collaboration laid the foundation for a brand with the potential to scale nationally, showcasing the transformative power of investing in a strong brand identity from the start.

The Results

This approach guaranteed that EXTCO was not just another newcomer but a future leader equipped with a clear, compelling identity designed for long-term success and national recognition. It's a testament to how strategic branding from the outset can position a startup not just for market entry but for enduring growth and industry leadership.
"Starting a new business requires a lot of thought. To aid us in identifying an effective name, logo, colors, and mission statement, we decided to partner with Brand3, who guide us through this process. Without question each step of the process was valuable. There was no way we could do it ourselves! The guidance and expertise of Orsolya, Catherine and the entire team helped us establish our identity which is our foundation for a professional presentation. For that reason, we strongly recommend Brand3 as a full-service branding and marketing company."

Ed & Stephanie Ducote, EXTCO LLC

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