The Challenge

HALO aimed to expand their reach by selling technology for chromatography columns directly to consumers online. They faced challenges such as a narrow product focus, limited market presence, and a lack of clear customer understanding. These problems were compounded by higher pricing and the need for a more comprehensive solution offering.

The Solution

Our rebranding efforts focused on clearly communicating HALO’s unique value proposition and ensuring consistency across all touchpoints to attract their ideal customers. We also mapped out and refined their customer journey and developed an online marketplace based on these insights.

The Results

Our strategic interventions transformed HALO's approach to engaging with their market. By clarifying the brand's promise and ensuring it resonated deeply with the ideal customer profile, HALO saw an uptick in customer engagement and loyalty. These efforts, coupled with a refined customer experience that consistently exceeded expectations, positioned them for a significant increase in market presence and customer satisfaction.
"We have had fantastic experience with Brand 3. They have continued to meet our marketing needs and as we grow they continue to grow with us. We appreciate their responsiveness and incredible graphics design services."

Elizabeth Langlois, Advanced Materials Technology

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