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Brands That Hum

This project was injected with passion and creativity from the start. We collaborated with the product development team at Allura to build a brand that was critical to the positioning of a new product targeted to humming bird enthusiasts. We carefully orchestrated studio photography that would visually present the unique features of the product as well as a clean design solution to attract the sophisticated taste of our market. Our deliverables included web site, packaging and materials to create a solid brand map that reflected a clean, consistent national brand image.


About Allura

Hummingbirds won’t be able to resist Allura’s beautiful design and vibrant colors, while you won’t be able to resist how easy it is to use and clean. And best of all, thanks to the always-fresh reusable or single-use feed pods, you don’t have to worry about spoiled nectar, the single biggest reason hummingbirds stop visiting.