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Architectural Materials Inc – AMI – has offered complete door solutions since 2004, serving Delaware, Virginia, and Southern Pennsylvania. Their experienced staff specializes in doors, frames, and finish hardware and prioritizes customer objectives. With relationships spanning generations and partnerships with major manufacturers, AMI is the go-to choice for reliable door services in the mid-Atlantic market.


We engineer the risks out of door openings to help your project stay on budget and on time.

Logos & Colors

AMI’s logo evokes feelings of trust and reliability. The colors used in their branding – industrial dark blue, sleek gray, warm gold, vibrant red, and earthy green – speak to professionalism and durability that aligns with their specialization in commercial construction and door solutions. The combination of these logo elements and colors effectively communicates AMI’s brand values to its audience.

Business Cards

AMI’s business cards are sleek and balanced, creating a professional aesthetic. The vibrant red line down the middle naturally leads your eye to an email address in the same striking color, making it visually pleasing and intuitive to read.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

With cohesive design elements, AMI’s transformed collateral conveys a sense of trust, professionalism, and durability. The updated materials reflect AMI’s specialization in commercial construction and door solutions, leaving a lasting impression on its target audience. By aligning visual identity with brand values, AMI has established a strong and consistent presence.