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Founded in 1989 by one of the original Xilinx Field Application Engineers, the continuing mission BLT is to offer premium quality design services on aggressive schedules at a competitive price. BLT’s approach is one of quality by Project Management, Design Methodology, and Project Staffing. Their team us organized, know how to execute, and are technically outstanding. Brand3 has helped transform their brand to clearly project the excellence by which they operate.

We deliver excellence by design.

Logos & Colors

BLT is a sophisticated engineering firm that operates with the utmost excellence. Their color palette clearly links them to the technology industry and the accent color, logo marque and scientific imagery allows the brand to have a timeless feel.

Business Cards

Professionalism is a must when it comes to how the market perceives BLT. Brand3’s creative team has kept the design elements clean and well-balanced with white space and bold imagery.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

BLT’s brand transformation is of epic proportions. Their current brand truly reflects the company they are and the values they stand for. Their transformation does not only impress the market they serve, but attracts top talents they seek to recruit.