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Real Food. Real Friends.

When the owners of a few restaurant franchise approached Brand3 with a request to brand a new restaurant idea they have, we were thrilled. The restaurant was to offer exceptional food and experience to its guests and the community. Brand3 worked hard to extract every bit of information out of the heart of those who dreamed up the concept. The result speaks for itself. Humagalas will debut in March 2017 in Bel Air, MD.

“I just wanted to develop a brand that connected with our community,” Robert Frankis said of the Humagalas concept. He said the new restaurant will provide “a social environment” and “really healthy fresh food at a reasonable price.”

Bel Air’s DuClaw Brewing closes, set to reopen in March serving locally sourced food, craft beer – Baltimore Sun

“We had a very specific vision for a new restaurant concept. The team at Brand3 did a great job extracting our ideas and translating them into the Humagalas brand. We are very pleased with how everything came together. Brand3 far exceeded our expectation ”

– Bob Frankis, Humagalas




Brand Positioning Statement

Humagalas is a new restaurant concept that reflects and supports the local communities in which they serve. Each location, staffed by a talented and motivated team who share a passion for serving great food and delivering exceptional guest experiences, is a uniquely designed gathering place where friends meet to enjoy real food that is fresh, healthy and locally sourced.  And because taste is personal, each Humagalas guest has the option of building and customizing their meal to satisfy their individual taste preferences.

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