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At LiveWell Outdoors, your experience should be as extraordinary as the results. Formerly known as Sharper Cut Landscaping, LiveWell delivers 20 plus years of experience, providing a broad range of disciplines that include landscape architecture, landscape design, and construction expertise. They offer single-source landscape design to help you through every stage of your outdoor project – from initial brainstorming to design and material selection, and of course, final build and installation.

We excite every customer with exceptional outdoor experiences.

Logos & Colors

The new logo and color palette is a perfect representation of luxury outdoor living. Its elegant and sophisticated form communicates directly to an elite market.

Business Cards

The business cards feature a bold layout that upholds LiveWell’s speciality in creating luxury lifestyles for their clients.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

LiveWell’s new brand invites you to explore the transformation of your backyard into an outdoor living experience. From their pocket folders to brochures, the brand helps prospects and customers envision how LiveWell can create their perfect outdoor living experience.


“For a long while, we have wanted to change the company name.  We recognized that the image our company conveyed no longer reflected the services we had been offering. Over the years, our company evolved but our name and our look didn’t accurately reflect that. And, because the process seemed daunting, we put the this project on the back burner. We didn’t know how to start nor did we have a partner to help us figure things out. That’s where Brand3 came in. They  guided us through each phase of a very well-thought out discovery and rebranding process.  More importantly, Matt enlightened us with the knowledge that changing our name was only a piece of a much bigger pie and that we really needed to develop a brand with a national feel, in our own local market.

So we embarked on a full rebranding project. And, as a result, not only is our entire team happy with our new name and look, but we are also equally pleased that our new brand aligns well with our culture and the quality and types of the services we offer. The biggest test, of course, would be how well we would be received by marketplace. Over the last few months since we’ve launched LiveWell Outdoors, the impact has been very positive. We’ve noticed that the quality of the leads we are now receiving is significantly higher than in years past. This has led to better rapport with prospects and more engaged clients. Our new brand was launched during the initial onslaught of COVID-19 and we quite honestly did not know what to expect. Being as busy as we are in the current climate further solidifies the investment in our brand and is a testament to the work of Brand3.

We couldn’t be happier with the help that Brand3 has provided. In fact, we’ve referred them several times to other business owners and continue to work with Matt and his team through the next phase of our project.”

Bill Banford
President, LiveWell Outdoors