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M.A.K. Remodeling Services is a family owned and operated company serving the DC Metropolitan area since 2008. They provide services ranging from complete design and build for your home renovation to handyman services for your smaller projects. Their professionalism, quality craftsmanship and fair prices have made them one of the top remodeling companies in the area. They just needed a brand that matches their top-notch services.


Exceeding expectations and bringing your vision to life 

Logos & Colors

M.A.K.’s color palette is a combination of bright blues and that of industry colors.  Using a palette like this allows contrast on materials that stand apart, yet blend seamlessly with colors from product photography.

Business Cards

A portrait layout is a great way to have a unique business card. M.A.K.’s identity calls for exploring triangle elements and their symbol stands tall to fit this layout style.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

M.A.K.’s new brand is clean, their message is clear, just as the visions they help their customers realize. The consistency and professionalism of the visuals and content of their materials will certainly help them become a trusted brand and convert more prospects to customers.