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The Tastiest New Gluten Free Snack in America

Since 2006 B More Nutz has been producing all natural, award winning snacks that are receiving constant praise on the flavor and texture. They use the finest ingredients available to ensure their product quality is second to none. Their coated Spanish peanuts, capturing the crispy crunch of a chip, with a finish that is undeniably gourmet. Brand3 was commissioned to redesign the Nutterz brand and packaging. See the results below!


The Story Behind Bmore Nutz

It was a 1997 trip to Norway that eventually drove Dick Taylor nuts. He was visiting a bar in the Scandinavian country when he noticed a popping sound coming from fellow patrons. It turns out they were noshing on a peanut with a potato-chip covering.

fter numerous years and several more trips to Norway, Taylor sold his franchise tool business to give Baltimore consumers a taste that had not yet come to this side of the Atlantic with B More Nutz. In August, Taylor opened a factory in Baltimore to bring the snack stateside.