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PBI felt that the company’s old brand no longer truly represented who they are and what their incredibly responsive agile team and turnkey services were all about. After an intense deep dive into their company’s market segments and core values, Brand3 was able to pull to the surface what PBI means to their commercial clients.

Challenges Resolved. Guaranteed.

Logos & Colors

PBI’s logo evolved from the symbol they had for over 15 years. Brand3 tweaked the old oval shape to a rounded square to represent a bold organization, and added the word “commercial” for further clarity.


Business Cards

PBI delivers turnkey solutions with proven results, so their clients can have one trusted partner for resolving any restoration, renovation, or construction challenge that lies ahead.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

The primary value points of PBI’s new brand include a diverse range of services supported by decades of knowledge and experience. It validates size and capabilities while balancing the concept of community connection and healthy culture. It is also a platform to attract new employees who align with the core values and culture that is driven by the brand’s promise.