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Perry Hall Baptist Church is a community-oriented church that believes following Christ isn’t a solo sport. For Perry Hall Baptist Church, engaging in faith requires investing time with God and other believers. Their welcoming community provides many ways for members to get involved with the church, grow in God’s love together, and cultivate a church family.


We promise to cut through all of the confusion in this world. As it was intended.

Logos & Colors

Using warm, green colors, Perry Hall Baptist Church conveys an inviting atmosphere where members can thrive. Their logo with simple, clean leaves, paired with their slogan, “Come Thrive,” creates the imagery of a flourishing plant and evokes a sense of light and growth that their members experience.


Business Cards

Speaking to those longing for spiritual growth and belonging in a church family, Brand3’s creative team kept the design elements wholesome, simple, and inviting.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Perry Hall Baptist Church’s brand transformation provides clarity, reflecting its values and mission. This modern update offers a cohesive framework that speaks to their market in a welcoming and inviting manner. With these refreshed and revamped materials, members – or potential members – will find it easy to engage with the brand.