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Beyond The Surface

Their name was Industrial Wood Finishes and decades, they provided the market with excellent products backed by an unprecedented level of knowledge and experience. While their quality and service has anchored a healthy market share, the time had come to reposition the brand and expand both territory and products.

Brand3 was recruited to provide a complete assessment of the current market situation and to evaluate the existing brand position and assets. Brand3’s in-depth Discovery process led to specific recommendations that included options for a fresh name, a new tag line, and a complete realignment of the core values to position their unparalleled level of service in the market. The plan included a complete overhaul of their core communication products which included a new name, logo identity, web site, promotional and operational printing as well as full color vehicle display graphics and a solid campaign designed to get the new brand image and message to market.

ProWood not only has a solid foundation for building their new brand image, but they have engaged the process of introducing a private label product line to market. The foundation includes ownership and access to all of the essential tools, like our online portal to download logos and well-documented Graphic Standards, and a Brand map that serves as a visual tool to keep the brand image and message consistent and effective. ProWood’s story and values now match their image and messaging in all of their communications. As the new brand message is focused and applied according to the standards that have been developed, ProWood can expect to reduce their future marketing costs and maintain higher than average profit margins. Over time it will be much harder for incoming competition to capture the market territories that have been established by ProWood’s brand.


About ProWood Finishes

We provide an unparalled level of service supporting every aspect of the wood finishing process. From our selection of innovative products and materials that optimize our clients’ performance, to the unmatched speed and accuracy of our color match process, Pro Wood Finishes delivers quality that goes beyond the surface.

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