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Revive Us Ministries is a ministry that strives to serve those in need, advocating for at-risk individuals and communities. They started in December 2019 with one goal: to live out the Bible and to serve God by serving others. They pride themselves on being the only ministry in Harford County that seeks those in need rather than waiting for them to come to Revive Us.

Logos & Colors

Revive Us Ministries operates on a “for God” mindset. The main idea behind the ministry is to put God first in all that they do. They needed a brand that reflected this sentiment by showing they were both genuine and trustworthy in all of their work.

Business Cards

Professionalism is essential regarding how volunteers and donators view Revive Us Ministries. Brand3 kept the design elements here clean and inviting.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Revive Us Ministries’ transformation was truly phenomenal. Their current brand reflects a trustworthy and caring nonprofit and the values they built their ministry on.