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RWC offers fully licensed and insured remodeling, repairs, and restoration services, with a dedicated team ready to guide clients through every step. With over 30 years of experience, RWC understands the importance of making informed decisions regarding home projects and ensuring a secure partnership with contractors. They’re committed to delivering exceptional results for home remodeling needs.


Making the process easier and the results exceptional

Logos & Colors

We’ve transformed RWC’s outdated and cluttered logo into a fresh, modern look that accurately represents their professionalism and expertise. Their color palette of blues, grey, and an accent orange connects them to their home professional industry by conveying trust, reliability, and sophistication.

Business Cards

RWC’s updated business cards showcase their latest logo design prominently, reflecting their established reputation and expertise in the industry. These business cards are a valuable asset for leaving a lasting impression, effectively conveying RWC’s contemporary and reliable brand image.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

RWC’s brand transformation is impressive, with collateral that reflects their company and values. A new downloadable resource inspires and excites homeowners about home projects while impressing their market. RWC’s brand evolution positions them as a trusted leader in the home professional industry.