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Brand3 had the momentous task to brand our first franchise. project. SuperGreen has been guiding homeowners and businesses worldwide to the right green solutions for 10 years, and they needed a brand that helped tell their story to both franchisees and customers. The SuperGreen team employs an unparalleled depth of expertise in green technology, which requires them to pursue constant, continuing education. They use that knowledge to give their customers world-class training on the best practices for sustainable green living.


We promise an easier path to sustainable green living.

Logos & Colors

While green was an obvious choice for SuperGreen’s color palette, we had a tough time deciding on the logo and other colors. Ultimately “earth” won, with black and green being the primary colors along with navy as the accent. Also, this was a perfect match for our winning marque for this logo, a smiling globe to foretell the outcome of a world prioritizing green choices and sustainable living.

Business Cards

Our layout is as clean as a clean earth would be. A global brand must have that universal professionalism that is perceived the same from any corner of our planet.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Our brandmap shows how all the brand elements have come together for the SuperGreen brand to represent a global organization with an incredible mission to change the world, and to attract both franchise owners and customers to join in.