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In Memory of Claretta Rideout

Owner Claretta Rideout was moved to create and patent the Rideout Wheelchair Storage solution out of being inspired by her sister who was born with health complications as a baby and later in older age, became permanently wheelchair-bound. Her sister, in her older years, has become legally blind, as well. Claretta Rideout also has friends and extended family members who use wheelchairs, both their own and wheelchairs owned by facilities.


Easy access to wheelchairs

Logos & Colors

A successful business identity has the power to communicate clearly. When creating logos we often thrive to solve the following:  “What is the most we can say with very little?” Our symbol is a simple icon of a wheelchair and we added a descriptor to the identity so that it’s clear where this business falls in the market.

Business Cards

Brand3’s creative team kept the business card design professional, using graphic elements that are clean and well-balanced.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Based on the approved identity, the team carefully applied the visuals and strategic messaging to all materials. The Rideout’s brand foundation is now complete and ready to hit the market, as it clearly communicates the values they bring to their commercial client base.