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Turning Point Financial has always been a great company. Their team is customer-centric and driven by a passion to help customers achieve financial clarity. Their brand however did not reflect this at all. Turning Point has engaged Brand3 to build them a brand the truly reflects who they are.

“We engaged Brand3 because we wanted to be very clear about who we communicated to and how we communicated our uniqueness. We felt like everything we did looked like what everyone else was doing. No one understood the difference in our culture and in our services based on the way we were marketing before we met Brand3. Now everything we do and everything we print, publish, or distribute communicates who we are! We couldn’t be more pleased with the direction Brand3 has helped us outline.”

Kathy Troxell, President


We love to bring you financial clarity.

Logos & Colors

While the shield symbol in Turning Point’s new identity expresses trust and security, the color palette and font choices hint to an energetic, fun team behind the scenes.

Business Cards

The new brand’s operational materials drive home the company’s brand promise.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Turning Point Financial now has a new brandmap that speak directly to their ideal customer and reflects exactly who they are.