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Professional Meeting Space for High-Tech Collaboration

Prior to being rebranded by the Brand3 team as University Center (formerly The HEAT Center), many people could tell you the building was located in Aberdeen, but when asked what the Center offered those living in Harford County or why it existed, most were speechless. With very little brand awareness, it was apparent that Brand3 had its work cut out for them. Brand3 was to take a little known Center that offered higher education courses and degrees for working adults living in Harford County and raise its awareness and drive enrollment.


About UCBC

Conveniently located off I-95 and Route 22 in Aberdeen, Maryland, UC Business Connection brings people together so that they can meet their professional goals. UCBC is a professional resource facility that provides all-inclusive meeting space, leading-edge technology and catering for businesses in Harford County. UCBC is equipped with several conference rooms accommodating 6 to 85 people, and three Mondopads: a touchscreen system used for instant videoconferencing, whiteboarding, and data sharing.

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