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University of Dog (UD) is an innovative online platform dedicated to transforming the relationship between dogs and their owners. With a blend of science and art, UD’s courses offer step-by-step videos, instructions, and homework designed to make training effective and accessible. Developed by Tecla Walton—a certified dog trainer with over 25 years of experience—these courses cater to a spectrum of canine personalities, ensuring every dog-owner relationship can flourish.


We help both dogs and humans learn how to relate and build strong relationships

Logos & Colors

The UD logo artfully blends the “UD” initials with a dog silhouette, encapsulating the brand’s essence. The colors reflect the brand’s mission: to foster understanding and love between dogs and their owners. Each design choice is a nod to the transformative journey UD offers.

Business Cards

UD’s vertical business cards distinctively encapsulates the brand’s fresh approach to dog training. Marrying the deep blue and vibrant orange palette with the signature “UD” logo, these cards are memorable and symbolic of the brand’s innovation.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

UD’s print and digital collateral seamlessly blend vibrant colors and design to create a consistent and engaging brand presence. Whether on paper or screen, each piece effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to fostering a deeper understanding between dogs and their owners.