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One of the biggest problems homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic face is moisture, and most homes aren’t prepared to withstand it. Value Dry is committed to fix the problem so their clients can restore the value and safety of their home.

Value Dry needed a unified plan to reduce marketing waste and to gain stronger brand positioning. First Brand3 updated their brand image and messaging to achieve a greater level of clarity and retention. Then we crafted a cohesive marketing plan that utilizes a series of campaigns to allow more control and better tracking of results.

We are committed to restoring and maintaining the value and safety of every home we serve.

Logos & Colors

Value Dry’s logo was retraced and simplified. We removed all unnecessary words and elements to achieve the highest retention value.

On the Web

Print & Digital Collateral

Brand3 spent an enormous effort in digging deep and clarifying Value Dry’s core content and message. Once we had the words, we blended those with clean and professional visuals and design elements.