The Challenge

PCI was indistinguishable as a distribution center, lacking a distinct identity or a clear value proposition. They blended into the landscape of similar businesses without a standout feature.

The Solution

With a comprehensive rebranding strategy, we modernized PCI's brand and refined their messaging to emphasize their unique value: empowering smaller distribution centers to excel in a highly competitive market.

The Results

This repositioning reflected PCI’s customer-centric values, placing them in a unique niche in the manufacturing world. By clarifying their role and the significant support they provide, PCI transformed from a generic entity into a key partner for small distribution centers.

This strategic overhaul has led to increased leads, heightened brand awareness, and a more authentic connection with their target market, reflecting the true customer experience PCI offers.

"The Brand3 team was amazing! Not only did they quickly identify our strengths, space and ideal customer, they translated a vision with their creative team. It was a value add “one stop shop”. I look forward to the future with our new partners!"

Gary Walajtys, PCI

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