The Challenge

Turning Point Financial faced the challenge of distinguishing themselves in the competitive financial planning landscape. Their branding lacked the effectiveness to communicate their unique value proposition. It failed to resonate with their target audience or highlight their extensive expertise and services.

The Solution

Our comprehensive rebranding initiative involved crafting a new logo, messaging website, tagline, and marketing materials that precisely addressed the core challenges of their ideal customers. Our focus was on enhancing TPF's market positioning by articulating their unique services and solutions in a way that ensured every element of the brand aligned with the needs and aspirations of their target audience.

The Results

By adopting a brand identity that truly spoke to the problems of their ideal customers and the solutions TPF could offer, they significantly expanded their market reach. This strategic realignment positioned them as industry leaders, facilitated business growth, and better connected them with their audience.
"Our team at Turning Point Financial has worked with Brand3 over the last several years to help completely rebrand, articulate our value proposition to clients, and communicate who we really are! They have a focus on customer experience and that has been incredibly helpful in our business as a service provider. We can always count on their expertise and guidance. We always leave our meetings energized and ready to tackle the next idea."

Alexandra Stickelman, Turning Point Financial

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