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Why should your company put time and effort into social media management?

Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your business and get in front of your audience. An engaging social page creates credibility, builds your brand, creates a built-in group of customers, and helps you be found through search. But social media management takes lots of work.

Let Brand3 manage your Social Media channels. We can build your audience, create branded posts and ads, and increase your exposure, all while carefully managing your social media reviews.

We offer 3 Social Media Management Packages to help you engage your audience and improve brand awareness on your favorite social media platforms:

Per Post Social Media


Our Single Post / Ad includes:

  • Content creation
  • 1 branded post design
  • Stock image with photoshop work
  • 20% rule analysis on post

Cost is for the creation of a post or ad for a single social channel or your choice. Adaptation of the post / ad for additional social channels is available for an added fee.

Weekly Posts

$450 one time setup fee

Weekly Posts includes:

  • Branded profile image
  • Branded page header
  • Page optimization
  • Content creation
  • Weekly branded post design with stock image per post
  • 1 monthly ad or event creation
  • Upload/schedule
  • Review management
  • Monthly reporting

Available for all your favorite social channels. Price is per channel. Please note that we will need access to your account for uploads, scheduling and review management. 

Custom Social Media

call for pricing

Need more than just weekly posts? Our custom social media services can help you maintain an active online presence.

Custom Social Media Services Include:

  • Strategy and development
  • Custom profile images
  • Branded page images
  • Platform optimization and content review
  • Customer Engagement and chat monitoring
  • Content, image and video development
  • Daily, weekly and monthly marketing and management tasks
  • Social ad campaign strategy and development
  • Custom ad creation (video, content and other media)
  • Ad management
  • Social channels cross content coordination
  • Network building
  • Content research
  • Daily content updates
  • Monitoring of key performance metrics
  • Monthly or weekly reporting

Social Media gives us the opportunity to humanize our communications and make our companies more approachable.

Ardath Albee