Brand is a process not a solution. Learn how we uncover the core value of a brand and align it with great brand experience.

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We build brands that deliver value to your business. See some of our latest work, websites and cool marketing solutions.

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Collaborating with Brand3 is a unique experience. Learn more from our clients on what it’s like to work with our team.

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“Took the time to listen and understand who we are.  Was patient in explaining the reasons for their approach to rebranding. I don’t think we could have had a more successful experience in rebranding and reimaging our company.”

Richard Criste
The Shepherd’s Guide

“Customer focused. Excellent ideas and knows how to best position and brand a company. Also, fun to work with which is always a plus!”

Mark Ramsey
Palmetto Solution

“You couldn’t work with a more professional and detail oriented team. I value their professionalism, as well as their friendship and recommend their services.”

Stu Welsh
EGT Advisors

“Amazing graphics and web design! Turning client expectations into reality by combining functionality, appealing visuals, and responsive design.”

Jason Drake
Strategic Application International

I couldn’t even see what was possible until I moved alongside their expertise, and they showed it to us.


Kevin Bandy

“I strongly recommend Brand3 to businesses who haven’t put their brand on the ‘couch’ for analysis in a while, and especially to those seeking to increase their image or market presence.”


John Casner, Executive Director
Northeastern Maryland Technology Council
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You have a product you need to launch or a young business ready for the next level.

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You have a business ready to tap into new markets and/or ready to build up brand equity.

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 You are selling a successful business and want to increase its market value.

Should you consider a branding team to build your next website or campaign? We think so!

Every time a business communicates in the market place it is building or detracting the brand image, message and experience. This is true if you’re updating your web site or providing logo art to imprint a nice golf bag to give away.  Hiring Brand3’s team to help create any market related project makes sense if you know and value what great brands can deliver.

What Does Clutter And Branding Have In Common?

What Does Clutter and Branding Have in Common?

Well, if it is really good branding, the answer is nothing. Good branding can be seen as the anti-clutter agent…

You Don’t Need A Brand To Be A Successful Business

You Don’t Need A Brand To Be A Successful Business

It’s true, there are many successful businesses that have invested very little into the areas of branding. In most cases,…

Why It’s Important To Consider Your Brand And Its Value

Why It’s Important to Consider Your Brand and its Value

Is your business ready for change? Are you experiencing difficulty responding to a new market? If so, you might want…