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Brand Truths with Matt Christ & Orsolya Herbein

Brand3 Team  •  May 10, 2022

This week, Matt and Orsi are partnering up and being featured on the Brand Retro podcast with host Mike Brevik!

Listen now: https://cyberdogz.libsyn.com/brand-truths-with-matt-christ-orsolya-herbein 

From the Host

Mike welcomes visual brand problem solvers and strategists Matt Christ & Orshie Herbein from Brand3 to tackle the unfiltered truths and shine a light on the darkest corners when creating a brand. Mike, Matt, and Orshie talk about the inside perspectives of branding, what matters, and the traps that we can commonly fall into and how to avoid them. A LOT to think about and not an episode you want to miss!


What made Matt and Orsolya as very skilled and expert level brand marketers Classifying the importance of a brand insider of the big ecosystem of advertising and marketing Which is important: What your client loves or engaging with the audience? How to educate and help the clients understand that thinking big is okay What branding is for a business The three things that need to be aligned to educate the customer and control their experience Common problems with brands when it comes with branding big names in the industry Where to find Matt and Orsolya

Episode Resources Connect with Mike Brevik: http://www.cyberdogzmarketing.com/ [email protected] Connect with the guests https://www.brand3.net/staff-member/matt-christ/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-christ-3450412 https://www.brand3.net/staff-member/orsolya-herbein/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/orsolya-orshie-herbein-95300bb

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