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Don’t Go Brand Blind—3 Simple Ways to Check Your Brand Health

Sarah Pattisall  •  May 15, 2024

Are you worried you’ve gone brand blind? Then it’s time to check your brand health. 

Neglecting your brand can create a disconnect between:

What you offerWhat your customers want
How you perceive yourselfHow your customers perceive you

Brand health encompasses customer perception, market share, and overall brand equity. 

Your brand health will tell you how your brand is perceived, how it’s performing against competitors, and whether it’s resonating with your audience.

These simple diagnostic tools will help make sure you’re not neglecting your brand by providing insight into your brand health.

1. Customer Feedback

NPS survey

Neglecting your brand can lead to a major disconnect between what you offer and what your customers actually need or expect. 

Regular customer feedback is a great way to measure how well your brand aligns with your audience’s preferences and expectations. 

You can send out satisfaction surveys or keep it simple and look for patterns or common themes in reviews. How do customers perceive your brand? What do they value about it? Are there areas where you’re falling short?

These similarities help you understand how your audience views your brand, what resonates well, and areas for improvement.

2. Social Media Monitoring

Social media analytics

If you’re not monitoring your brand health on social media, you could be missing out on critical insights and interactions that impact your brand’s perception and reach.

Active monitoring gives you a real-time understanding of how users talk about, perceive, and engage with your brand. It can highlight areas that generate positive engagement and identify issues requiring immediate attention. 

Track mentions of your brand, analyze the sentiment of comments and discussions, and measure your engagement levels through metrics such as likes, shares, and comments.

Monitoring social media also helps you uncover new areas for engagement and keeps you responsive. Maintaining a healthy brand in a digital-first world is critical.

3. Competitor Comparison


If your brand is lagging behind competitors, it’s not a good sign for your brand health. You could be missing out on opportunities for differentiation and improvement.

A SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of your competitors is the easiest way to conduct a comparison. 

You can get this information through:

  • Customer reviews and feedback on competitors’ products or services.
  • Social media analysis to see how competitors engage with their audience.
  • Reviewing their marketing campaigns and promotional tactics.

By understanding where your brand stands relative to others in your industry, you can identify strengths to build on and weaknesses you can avoid.

Worried about your brand's health?

If you’ve checked your brand health and the results have you feeling nervous, don’t worry—Brand3 is here to help.

Whether it's refining your message, enhancing customer engagement, or strengthening your competitive edge, we’ll help get your brand healthy. You can schedule a call today to get started. 

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