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Meet LiveWell Outdoors

Brand3 Team  •  May 4, 2021

For the next couple of months, we will be featuring some of the brands we have had the pleasure of rebranding. From outdoor living to basement waterproofing, the home professional industry is vast and varied. However, the industry struggles with its reputation for less-than-stellar professionalism. This month, see how LiveWell Outdoors transitioned from A Sharper Cut to a brand their employees are excited about.

Meet LiveWell Outdoors

May flowers and sunshine have us already dreaming of summer. Lush plants, sparkling crystal waters, and a poolside bar may sound like the ideal vacation, but for one of our brands, they can create this oasis in your backyard. LiveWell Outdoors specializes in designing luxury outdoor living spaces. From pools to gardens, outdoor kitchens to fireplaces, LiveWell brings resort living home.

Prior to working with Brand3, LiveWell was known as The Sharper Cut Landscapes, and they were stuck in a bit of a rut. They were frustrated by unqualified leads and a feeling that their message wasn’t getting to the right people. This is not an uncommon issue with small businesses. Ask almost any small business owner, and their number one marketing ask is “more qualified leads”. They know that the ideal customer is almost invaluable, as they’ll not only bring you their business, but they’ll tell their friends and family to bring you a line of new customers. But what if that ideal customer isn’t hearing your message?

The Name Game

The right business name is imperative for a company’s success. It’s one of the first ways a customer encounters a brand and needs to stay in their mind as they meander down the path to purchase. It’s also a great way to remind your employees of who your business is. A good business name should be a reflection of the company’s values, emotive, and full of potential. 

As The Sharper Cut went through the discovery process, we quickly learned that they had outgrown their name. It wasn’t evoking the imagery of luxury outdoor living. The name was causing confusion in the market, with many thinking they were a lawn care service instead of landscape architects. “For a long while, we have wanted to change the company name,” says owner Bill Banford. “We recognized that the image our company conveyed no longer reflected the services we had been offering. Over the years, our company evolved but our name and our look didn’t accurately reflect that. And, because the process seemed daunting, we put this project on the back burner.” 

Enter LiveWell Outdoors 

Our Brand Strategist, Matt Christ, worked with Bill on developing not only a new name, but also a new brand; one that truly reflected the services and values of the former Sharper Cut. As many of you know, branding does not stop at the name and logo. Good branding empowers customers, employees, and owners to embrace it as a culture, with a promise to customers and a statement of core values. The name LiveWell Outdoors inspires people to envision their own ideas of what luxury outdoor living could be.

The new name and the new brand were met with excitement by both its leadership team and the whole staff. They repainted their office with an accent wall chosen from their brand color palette. Their trucks were wrapped in their new logo and colors, as well as a featured image of a lovely outdoor space they created. According to Bill, “Not only is our entire team happy with our new name and look, but we are also equally pleased that our new brand aligns well with our culture and the quality and types of the services we offer.”

Spreading the Joy

After such rave reviews from the staff, all that was left was to see how the market responded. Would the new brand be well-received? Had LiveWell Outdoors made the jump to a new name and new brand for naught? In the midst of a global pandemic, would it even be possible for them to see a modicum of success? Bill answers these questions best.

Over the last few months since we’ve launched LiveWell Outdoors, the impact has been very positive. We’ve noticed that the quality of the leads we are now receiving is significantly higher than in years past. This has led to better rapport with prospects and more engaged clients. Our new brand was launched during the initial onslaught of COVID-19 and we quite honestly did not know what to expect. Being as busy as we are in the current climate further solidifies the investment in our brand.” 

LiveWell’s rebrand brought their strengths to the fore and revitalized their team. They’ve been able to reach their ideal customers, helping them to build the backyards of their dreams. They continue to educate their clients on their process, empowering them with knowledge and gaining their confidence throughout the project. And most importantly, they are hard at work making other people’s dreams come true.


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