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Meet Value Dry Waterproofing

Brand3 Team  •  April 6, 2021

For the next few months, we will be featuring some of the brands we have had the pleasure of rebranding. From outdoor living to basement waterproofing, the home professional industry is vast and varied. However, the industry struggles with its reputation for less-than-stellar professionalism. This month, see how Value Dry Waterproofing has leveraged their rebrand into business success.

One of our favorite seasons is here. We love spring! It’s a time for warmer weather, fresh flowers, and spring cleaning. It’s also the time for April showers. And with April showers come flooded basements. For one of our clients, that’s music to their ears!

Value Dry Waterproofing

Value Dry Waterproofing serves the DC Metro area with excellence, “fighting the damaging effects of foundation seepage and poor air quality in homes” as their brand promise states. But prior to their brand refresh, that message was not getting through, and they were wasting a lot of their marketing efforts. We worked hard and dug into what made Value Dry Waterproofing what it truly is. We clarified their messaging and improved their brand positioning with an updated logo, simplified and easily remembered copy, and a cohesive marketing plan.

As part of their evolution, Value Dry hired additional help in the call center to handle the volume of leads they were receiving. They have enhanced their presence on valuable trade services sites like Home Advisor and Angi, and industry listing services like Best Picks reports with their new brand to look more professional. In an industry that doesn’t have a great reputation for professionalism, the Value Dry team shows up well branded in apparel and with sharp-looking trucks, offering a sales presentation with custom motion graphics to explain their process, and follows up with professional email templates that make the customer feel well taken care of. During an unprecedented year with COVID restrictions weighing heavily on businesses, especially in the home services category, Value Dry’s Q2 2020 increased 53.4% with our help.

Value Dry’s initial problem isn’t uncommon. So many businesses spend thousands of dollars on marketing, without a unified plan. We work hard to bring brands from noise to clarity. But what does that mean? What is noise? 

Too Much Noise!

In older times, the physical marketplace was a very noisy space, crowded by lots of people hawking their wares, competing with each other for attention from purchasers by shouting, offering lower prices and free samples. In the digital age, not too much has changed. While there is less physical noise, there’s still a lot of noise in the marketplace, be it garish designs, overly complex copy, or a lack of brand consistency. Too often, businesses spend so much time and money shouting over each other, instead of creating clarity within their brand to pierce through the noise of the marketplace. 

When we meet a new client, we work with them on understanding the essence of their brand. We strip away the layers of fluff until we get to the bare bones and heart of who they truly are. We start with three words to describe their values. In the case of Value Dry, their words are Expert, Reliable, and Safe. From there we construct the rest of the brand including the brand promise, keeping it concise, impactful, and above all, clear. 

Due to the nature of the basement waterproofing industry, it was imperative that we communicate how important the three keywords are to Value Dry and their customers. Value Dry works hard to provide expert, reliable service and maintain safety on all their jobs. So we ensured that those keywords were woven strategically throughout their brand messaging, from the moment a person sees an ad or views their website. The Value Dry team continues to deliver that messaging through their sales process, their professional appearance on job sites, and their customer service.

Clarity At Last

Once all of the noise is cleared away, brands have a much easier time getting the right message out to the right people. They’re able to spend less time shouting in the increasingly crowded digital marketplace and instead can connect with qualified leads who need their help. Value Dry is no different. According to their owner, Jim Ketterer, “Before we started working with these guys, I was wasting a lot of marketing dollars. Today our brand is sharp, and our marketing is getting us the leads we need to grow the business.

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