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October Brand Tip

Brand3 Team  •  October 12, 2023

What Not to Post on Your Business’s Socials

In the fast-paced digital realm, social media represents your brand's voice, becoming a pivotal channel for interaction, feedback, and building customer relationships. However, as a business owner, your time is stretched across numerous responsibilities, meaning sometimes you must delegate this vital role. 

The person wielding the keyboard becomes the face and voice of your brand online, often steering your audience's perception. When entrusting this critical task to a team member or external partner, conduct training to ensure they understand your brand ethos and won’t fall into potential social media missteps. 

If this strikes a chord, consider sharing our curated list of social media 'don’ts' to equip the person behind your socials with a starting guideline, guaranteeing your brand’s digital interaction remains positive, respectful, and perpetually on-point.

What are the don’ts of social media?

These five cardinal "don’ts" act as foundational pillars in sculpting a digital presence that’s professional, respectable, and beneficial for both the brand and its audience. 

Don't post offensive or insensitive content like profanity, divisive political comments, or crude jokes.

Publishing potentially offensive content, using profanity, or venturing into the tricky waters of divisive politics and crude jokes is a direct ticket to eroding your brand image. 

Always keep content inclusive, respectful, and mindful of the varied perspectives within your audience to build a brand welcomed in diverse digital spaces.

Don't attack or speak negatively about customers, employees, or competitors.

Uphold a stance of professionalism and positivity in all interactions, whether it be with or about customers, employees, or competitors. Negative commentary reflects poorly on your brand and can result in undesirable backlash, damaging relationships crucial to your business. 

Foster a digital environment that reflects integrity and respect to elevate your brand above the petty squabbles that may permeate online platforms.

Don't overshare or post personal rants unrelated to your business.

While a touch of personality and human connection is essential in social media interactions, there is a fine line between being relatable and veering into the land of TMI. Guarantee that posts, even those showcasing a behind-the-scenes look into your business, maintain professionalism and relevance to your audience. 

Don’t indulge in personal rants and keep unconnected oversharing at bay to maintain focus on your brand and its message.

Don't post false information or share content without fact-checking.

In an era where "fake news" and misinformation can spread like wildfire, confirming the integrity of the information you share is imperative. Posting inaccurate content, even unintentionally, can jeopardize your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience. 

Fact-check thoroughly and utilize reliable sources to ensure your content is compelling, precise, and accurate.

Don't ignore or fail to respond to customer comments and questions.

The digital realm thrives on interaction and engagement. When customers reach out through comments or queries, an absent or delayed response can signal neglect and depreciate customer satisfaction. 

Prioritize engagement by promptly and thoughtfully responding to inquiries, feedback, and even casual comments to help your community feel seen, heard, and valued by your brand.

If you’re still unsure if you should post something, abide by this adage:

Pause before you post: if you wouldn’t say it to your grandmother, it’s best left untyped.

And remember, you don’t have to figure out your social media strategy alone. Brand3 is here to help you cultivate a plan for impactful and positive digital interactions—schedule a call today.

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