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Organic Social Media Do's & Don'ts

Brand3 Team  •  September 7, 2021

When managing your brand’s social media, it’s easy to get swept up in the latest trends or to completely avoid them altogether. But as in all things marketing, it’s important to remain true to your brand foundation and to maintain authenticity. So how do you make the most of your social media channels without feeling like you’re burning the candle at both ends? Try out these tips for creating content for your brand’s social media.

DO - Hop on timely trends that are relevant to your brand.

If part of your brand philosophy is to give back to the community through charitable work, then participation in trends like the famous Ice Bucket Challenge is probably right up your alley. Additionally, video continues to rank well among users on all platforms for engagement. So it would make sense to capitalize on this trend by creating and sharing more video content if you have it. Adding drone footage to your next photoshoot could give you some great video content that’s sharable on multiple platforms. 

DON’T - Hit every trend to try to get likes, comments, and shares.

Not every trend is for you. If your target audience is in the top 25% of household income, ages 40-55, they’re probably not going to choose your company based on how well your staff can do the latest TikTok dance. Go where your target audience is and appeal to them with brand messaging that speaks to your authority as a guide. 

DO - Show the heart of your brand, behind the scenes, and the people who make the brand great.

A great brand is only so good as the people behind it. We all know that people buy from people, and by showing the people behind your brand, you are showing that more human side to your audience. It’s also proven that people respond positively to images of people more than products on social media. So by showing the people behind your brand, whether that’s customers or staff, you’re still marketing your brand, but in less of a sales pitch and more of a personal and aspirational way.

DON’T - Spotlight anyone without their permission. 

If you’re ever featuring anyone, whether it’s a client or staff member, make sure that you have their express consent to share their story and likeness. Many companies include a social media waiver in their employment contracts now, and it’s important to take note of anyone who may have opted out of being pictured. As privacy concerns continue to grow, it is far better to ask permission prior to posting than to seek forgiveness after the fact.

DO - Keep your content fresh. 

By posting on a planned, consistent schedule, you can get the almighty algorithm on your side. But make sure you create a schedule that’s attainable and not overwhelming. Gone are the days of needing to post every 3 hours to stay relevant. Today’s users are looking for content that resonates with them and provides value. If you have enough content to consistently post 3 times a week, then that’s your schedule. But don’t set and schedule and then try to fill it with content that you don’t have. 

DON’T - Post just to have a post.

While consistency is important, quality content is far more engaging and therefore more successful on social media. Find out what your audience wants to hear about. Do they like staff profiles? Are they wowed by videos of your latest projects? Is education the key to getting them in the door? Once you’ve determined what your audience finds valuable, it’s much easier to create and curate content that meets their needs. 

DO - Use social media as brand building.

Social media is a powerful tool for helping to refine your brand’s image and reputation. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and prospective clients. And for many users, it’s one of the first places they look for your brand, often even before viewing your website. It’s the place to post updates and show that your brand is active and engaged. Leverage your social media presence to your advantage and think of it as an extension of your customer service department. Care for your audience, let them know what’s new with your brand but don’t try to sell them anything here. That’s not what they’re looking for on social media.


DON’T - Rely on social media for sales.

Many business owners recall the “good old days” of social media when you could write up a quick promotional post on Facebook, boost it for $5, and get at least 5 new qualified customers from it. But the platforms have changed and become more crowded as more businesses have entered the space and cluttered the landscape with a barrage of promotional posts labeled as organic content. Users are constantly bombarded with sales language on the platforms and have expressed their unhappiness with it. In response, the platforms have chosen to downgrade posts with promotional language and to encourage brands to produce content that starts conversations among their audience. Organic social media is not where sales are made, but where lasting customer relationships are built.

If you’re struggling with your social media strategy, we can help. Our social media team is here to coach you through the right content for your brand and how to create a posting schedule that works for you. Contact [email protected] to get started.

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