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Brand Tip: Develop Values that Strengthen Your Remote Team’s Culture

Sarah Pattisall  •  March 28, 2024

For businesses navigating the shift to remote work, establishing a strong company culture is more critical than ever. 

It's about moving from the chaos of change to the clarity of a unified team, even when miles apart. 

At Brand3, we’re proud of the company culture we’ve built with our remote team. This month, we’re shedding some light on our strategies.

You can learn more about our entire approach in the blog, or keep reading to learn how core values specifically impact remote team culture. 

Company Core Values

Core values are more than buzzwords. They should be the foundation for your culture and guide your decisions and communication. 

For remote teams, core values help guarantee every team member—no matter their location—feels connected to your collective mission and ethos.

Given the importance of core values, it’s essential you develop ones that align with your company, employees, and desired culture. Here’s how to do it:

1. Reflect on Your Brand's Identity

Start by examining what your company stands for and aims to achieve. 

What's your mission? How does your brand make a difference in the market or the world?

Your values should resonate with your brand's identity and serve as guiding principles for how you operate. 

They are the heart and soul of your brand's story, influencing not just what you do but why and how you do it.

2. Involve Your Team

Values that are imposed from the top down without input from the team often feel disingenuous. 

Instead, involve your employees in the conversation. 

What values do they see as central to the company's identity and their daily work? What principles do they believe should guide their interactions and decisions? 

This collaborative approach ensures buy-in and reflects the collective vision of the people who embody your company culture every day.

3. Look at Your Greatest Achievements

Analyzing your company's biggest successes can provide insights into the values that already drive your team. 

What common threads can you identify in how these achievements were realized? Perhaps it was through innovative thinking, relentless pursuit of quality, or deep collaboration. 

These moments of success reveal the values that genuinely motivate and guide your team.

4. Define and Refine

Draft a list of core values based on insights from your brand's identity, team input, and analysis of past successes. 

Then, refine these values to guarantee they're both aspirational and actionable. 

Each value should inspire your team to strive for excellence while also being tangible enough to guide daily decisions and interactions. 

Remember, clarity is key. Values should be clear and concise to resonate with and be remembered by your team.

5. Live Your Values

Values on a poster or website page mean little if they aren't lived out in your company's day-to-day operations. 

Embed your values into every aspect of your organization, from hiring practices and onboarding to meeting conduct and success celebrations. 

Demonstrate these values in action through leadership behavior, and recognize and reward employees who embody these values in their work.

6. Regularly Review and Adapt

As your company evolves, so too may your values. 

Make it a practice to regularly review your values to ensure they still align with your brand's identity and your team's aspirations. 

This is especially important in a remote work environment, where company culture must be more intentionally nurtured. 

Be open to adapting your values as your company grows and changes, ensuring they always represent the heart of your brand.

Does your brand reflect your values?

If your values are clear but not reflected in your brand, you're missing out on the profound connection that transforms customers into loyal advocates. 

Without this alignment, your messaging may fall flat, your team's motivation could wane, and your marketing efforts might miss the mark.

This misalignment can lead to a lack of coherence in your brand's identity, making it challenging for your customers and even your team to fully understand and connect with what you stand for. 

When your brand doesn't reflect your values, it's like speaking a language your audience doesn't understand. 

The result? Missed opportunities for deep, value-driven connections that drive growth and loyalty.

If your values feel disconnected from your brand, it's time for a strategic realignment, and Brand3 is here to help—schedule a call with us today.

Let's make your brand's message as clear, compelling, and as the values that drive it.

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