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Brand3 Team  •  February 2, 2022

Being a completely remote company, we heavily rely on web tools to make our jobs flow smoother. From website management tools, editing and review tools, and even tools we use to stay organized and connected, there are so many essential websites and programs we use daily in our work lives that we couldn’t live without.

Whether your company works solely remotely, in person, or even operates on a hybrid schedule, these tools are helpful in any work setting. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to interview our employees and see which tools they absolutely love!

#1 Supermetrics - Tav, Tactical Director

What is Supermetrics? 

Supermetrics is a marketing data engine that effortlessly allows you to see cross-channel data for reporting purposes. When using Supermetrics, marketers are able to receive all of their marketing data from various platforms and transfer that data into tools like Google Data Studio. When asked why she loves this tool Tav says, “I love it because it pulls data into reporting quickly and easily.”

Why is Supermetrics the best tool to get the job done?

“These connectors have saved me so much time in data collection and reporting. I'm able to update reports directly from the sources without having to manually enter data, reducing the risk of human error, and saving me from squinting at spreadsheets,” - Tav

If you’re interested in learning more about Supermetrics and all of the products they have to offer, check them out here!

#2 MarkUp.io - Holland, Project Success Manager

What is MarkUp?

MarkUp is a visual commenting platform. It allows users and team members to quickly give feedback on things like digital content and even live websites. Their website states, “In the world of digital content, creative feedback often gets lost in the shuffle of emails, PM tools, meetings, Zoom calls, Google Docs, and more. Perhaps worst of all, feedback is often vague, non-visual, and confusing.” MarkUp solves all of that by providing clear feedback directly on the platform.

Why do you love MarkUp?

“I'm a very visual person, so having a visual tool to communicate feedback on documents, designs, and websites is so helpful. It also lends itself well to our remote-working world because it allows you to make sure you and the client are looking at exactly the same thing, virtually. No more feedback getting lost in translation! It's also amazing to be able to mark things "resolved" and keep a record of what requests were made previously and when the changes were made.” - Holland

Do you have an example or scenario of why it's the best tool to get the job done?

“Yes! It's been great to use not only with clients but with the team as well thanks to the tagging and commenting features. For example, we just used MarkUp to do a final review of a new website. I was able to tag our designer to quickly delegate edit requests and ended up saving lots of valuable time during launch week.”  Holland

MarkUp is definitely a valuable tool and is used almost daily by our team. Check out MarkUp and all of the useful features it has to offer here!

#3 My Full Focus Planner - Ashley, Operations Manager, and Project Success Manager

What is Full Focus Planner?

Full Focus Planner is a planner that makes it easy to allow you to focus on work that matters and achieve your goals. Their unique layout including to-dos, an hourly schedule, daily goals, weekly preview, and goal detail all make this planner useful in any job setting and even in personal life.

Why do you love Full Focus Planner?

“I am tactile and I like that it's a physical planner and not digital so I can use pretty colors of pens to keep my notes and things organized - but the main thing I love is that it has a section for each day called "My Big Three" and that helps me focus on the most important tasks of my day first and keeps me focused on moving the needle forward and not getting bogged down in the small tasks that can sometimes take over. It puts me in control of my schedule rather than my schedule controlling me.” - Ashley

Why is Full Focus Planner the best at getting your job done?

“It has great goal planning worksheets, which for me helps me step back from the small details to make sure that I'm doing things that are actually related to my big goals. It also helps me to be intentional about my schedule,” - Ashley

To learn more about Full Focus Planner’s and see why our employees love them so much, visit their website here.

#4 Slack Huddles - Tav, Tactical Director

What are Slack Huddles? 

Slack, known as the instant messaging tool widely used among businesses, recently introduced a new feature called Slack Huddles. Essentially, Slack Huddles allow you to have an audio call with anyone on your team that uses the platform. You can talk with 1-50 users on your team depending on your need for the call. It’s the perfect way to quickly connect with someone when you have too much to type out in a message and a video call is not necessary.

Why do you love Slack Huddles? 

Tav says, “It's a great tool for quick collaboration or to quickly hash out small problems.” Our team uses Slack Huddles daily and can attest to its easy functionality and helpfulness in resolutions.

Why are Slack Huddles the best tool to get the job done?

“Sometimes I will need to answer a question quickly or need to give a quick note on the direction that I've given someone. I can use Slack to ask if they're free, fill them in or ask my question quickly and get back to work.” - Tav

#5 ContentCal - Emma, Marketing Coordinator, and Project Coordinator

What is ContentCal?

ContentCal is a marketing tool used for multiple purposes. It allows you to plan, create, coordinate, schedule, publish, and analyze your content all in one place making social media management more organized than ever before.

Why do you love ContentCal?

“I love ContentCal because it allows me to access all of our client's social media calendars in one place. I can plan out social posts on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even add in blog and newsletter content all within one calendar. The best thing about it is that I can plan out posts as far in advance as I need and it will automatically publish to the platform the day and time I scheduled it for. Not only is it great for planning but it also allows our clients to give feedback on posts before they are published.” - Emma

Why is ContentCal the best tool to get the job done?

“Sometimes I will receive last-minute edits from the client or last-minute posts they need me to add in. ContentCal makes it super easy to go in and change what is needed for them or move around content where needed.” - Emma

If you’re a social media marketer, we highly recommend you check out ContentCal. Visit their website here!

In our industry, web tools help us succeed every day. We’re always trying new things to better help us and our clients. Do you have a tool you absolutely love? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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