BrandTalk Jim Ford Experience

Your Brand and CX Design

Most branding companies do not offer purposeful customer experience (CX) design in parallel with identity development. Brand3 proudly delivers highly customized branded CX Design & Implementation as part of our comprehensive branding package. We have been working in design and facilitation for over 20 years. And what really differentiates Brand3 is that we know the difference between ‘standard’ training that delivers good customer service and a designing an internal CX framework that delivers consistently exceptional client experiences.

For over 20 years, Jim Ford, our Customer Experience Director, has helped companies build customer-centric cultures, increase customer engagement and build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and employees. Jim has led customer engagement initiatives in retail, hospitality, healthcare, nonprofit, technology, professional services and government sectors.

Our approach starts with your brand promise – the expectations of your most profitable target clients and their ideal client experience (CX journey map). We then identify the skills, processes and behaviors required from your team to deliver your brand consistently. Lastly, we create a context for organizational adoption so that the process and behaviors we teach are directly linked to the experience you wish to deliver.

At Brand3, we provide CX Design to your team at three levels within your organization:

  1. CX Design for senior executives – design and implementation for those who are responsible for advocating, leading, defining and sustaining the customer experience.
  2. CX Design for team leaders – design and implementation for managers and team leaders to gain a thorough understanding of what it means to deliver your branded client experience and their own role in coaching and enabling the people they lead to deliver it.
  3. CX Design for advisors and support team – design and implementation to equip client-facing people with the skills and knowledge to deliver your designed and purposeful client experience – to every client – every time.

Strong brands align their promise with experience and measurably increase revenue. If you are ready to build brand equity for your business, give us a call.